Mural Project Advocacy— Write a Letter of Support, Become a Petitioner

We need to demonstrate to the powers-that-be that we have broad and enthusiastic support for our mural project.

Here’s how you can help!


Download the official ‘invitation to write a letter of support’ PDF by clicking HERE. Then, write your own letter in support of this project and remit it to the Chair of Friends of Astoria Heights Park at lynnk at, and forward the invitation PDF to anyone you think would be willing to write a letter, too. Spread the word! We would love to have letters of support from as many people as possible. Make your letter personal and feel free to borrow from the invitation itself, too.

Download the mural petition by clicking HERE. 
We want to collect as many signatures as possible between now and April 25th in advance of a presentation Friends of Astoria Heights Park will be make to the Park Department to win their approval and support for this initiative. Collecting signatures sounds daunting, but fellow Astorians will be happy to show their support and this is also a terrific way to build awareness of what we’re trying to achieve. Team up with another enthusiast to collect signatures outside of heavily trafficked locations, such as in front of post offices and grocers. All you need is their name legibly printed, their signature, and their zip code (11102 and 11103 are preferred), and then if they’re willing to share it email addresses would be great, too. If you download the petition and sign it yourself and then collect one page of signatures, that would just be incredibly great.

Your level of commitment is entirely up to you, of course, and we really would appreciate anything you’d be willing to help with vis-a-vis the mural project, so please feel free to come and spend some time with us and figure out what part you can play!

Looking for more ways to get involved? Great!  Here are some ways you can help.

Thank you for helping build support for the Astoria Heights Park Mural Project!